>We Are Here to Take It Back

>I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but the new band Jimmy and I have put together (with new drummer Travis Yost) is going to be called AMERICAN FALCON. No, you didn’t read that wrong. And yes, it really is that awesome. We’ve been unleashing thunder in the rock office whenever possible for a few weeks now, and have some material coming together that will quite possibly change the way you view your meager existence. Expect the live debut around January/February or so.

Our mission? Besides the edification of THE North American Blood Falcon, we intend to friggin’ Take It Back, all of it, with the power and majesty of Glory Rock. And if you don’t know what the “it” is that I’m talking about, then I’m afraid you just aren’t paying attention.

You have your doubts, you say? Well question no more, because here is our drummer delivering the goods on the National Fucking Anthem in front of a bloodthirsty crowd of Griz fans. Did he Take It Back that night? Oh, you know he did. . . .

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