>We Need More Police, Har Har Har

>This is disgusting. Is this “change” in action? Remember when Cheney had his Energy Task Force or whatever it was, and everyone was in a tizzy because he wouldn’t reveal who was involved? How is this different? Sure, it’s out in the open, but representatives of single payer health insurance are not even being allowed at the table. It is disgusting, considering the level of support for single payer in the country. For Baucus to sit there and lie that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss options, yet not include members promoting an option so widely supported, is reprehensible.

I like Baucus’s nervous little chuckle at around 3’40 when he is challenged about it being “pay to play” health care, especially considering he takes more money from the health lobby than damn near anyone else. And he’s in charge? Jesus! This whole fiasco is corruption in action, period.

This is an excerpt from Ralph Nader’s Single Payer Action site; (follow the link to see the whole article):

Yesterday morning, eight doctors, lawyers and other activists stood up to Senator Max Baucus.

And the private health insurance industry.

And the corporate liberals in Congress.

The eight activists demanded that single payer – everybody in, nobody out, free choice of doctor and hospital – be put on the table.

And as a result they were arrested.

And charged with a so-called “disruption of Congress.”

The Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Democracy Now and National Public Radio all carried stories about the protest.

C-Span carried it live.

And it was widely disseminated on the Internet.

Baucus crafted a hearing to kick off the health care debate in the Senate yesterday where 15 witnesses would be at the table to discuss health care reform.

The insurance industry was at the table.

The Business Roundtable was at the table.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was at the table.

Blue Cross Blue Shield was at the table.

The Heritage Foundation was at the table.

And corporate liberals like Andy Stern, Ron Pollack, and AARP were at the table.

But not one person who stood for what the majority of Americans, doctors, nurses, and health economists want – single payer – was at the table.

Not one.

How is this fair? Where is Obama in all this? Where are his pre-election claims of being in favor of single payer? Who are these assholes representing besides the shitheads who write the big checks? Phah. Obama isn’t going to do shit. He’ll come on the TV and spout his rhetoric and everyone will swoon all over again about “how great it is to have a president who talks real good.”

This is from Kevin Zeese, who was one of the protestors:

Chairman Baucus, invited his major donors to the table: the health insurance industry was there, so were the Chamber of Commerce, the right wing Heritage Foundation, the Business Roundtable, Blue Cross Blue Shield and corporate liberals who have sold out the people like Andy Stern, Ron Pollack and AARP.

But the most popular and efficient health care reform was not at the table. It was not mentioned even though it is the one favored by a majority of doctors, nurses, economists and the American people. Only those who paid to play were included.

For the last few weeks people have been calling and emailing Senator Baucus and other Finance Committee members urging them to include single payer advocates. We were told – no, no one for single payer would be allowed to speak.

Is single payer best? Can it work? How will we know if it isn’t seriously considered among all the other options? Don’t these idiotic Democrats realize they are playing the very game that got their opposition thrown out of power? Morons, all of them.

Baucus is a scumbag. All those jowly white faces sitting at that table are scumbags. It is pathetic. Big business owns our government, period.

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