>Weekend in Review

>Saturday night LAZERWOLFS played our final show for the next several weeks at least; after this we are going to record our next album in April, and probably won’t play again until late May or even into June. Anyway, the show was in Great Falls, a town we’ve never played before, at a place called the Buffalo Saloon. It was cool driving up and seeing our name on the marquee; it’s always a good sign when a venue apparently has their stuff together enough to change the reader board message for a show.

The place was packed early, which was cool. I also realized how spoiled I am by not having any smoking allowed in bars in Missoula; people were puffing away mightily, and 10 minutes in the room had my eyes watering and nose running. Once I adjusted I could live with it, but afterwards my clothes reeked, the gear smells like stale smoke, etc. Ugh. What a vile thing that is.

There was no cover charge, and beer was cheap. They sold these “PBR in a Jar” things, which were essentially 32 oz of PBR in a canning jar for $2. We actually got paid too, which was awesome.

My friend Patrick was there also. He does some writing for the Great Falls Tribune, and actually had a feature on us in the paper that day. That was pretty cool.

We played well. A good portion of the crowd evacuated somewhere between when the band before us executed their second song and finished their set, but we still had many bodies in the room. We sold a few CDs, met some “interesting” people, and had a good time. We planned to get a room in town afterwards but everything was booked up for some CM Russell festival in town or something, so we just loaded up on sugar at a convenience store and headed for home. That drive is fantastic in daylight, but no so swell at 3 AM. I made it as far as Lincoln, then pulled over to sleep for an hour or so before finishing the trip. With all the wildlife we saw on the way up, the only close encounter coming back was a near miss with an elk on the shoulder of the road just shy of Clearwater Junction.

By the time I returned our drummer to his lair in Frenchtown, unloaded gear, returned the van I’d rented for the trip, and went home, it was something like 10 AM. That’s a long night of rock. Didn’t accomplish much on Sunday beyond visiting a Missoula institution for the first time — Paul’s Pancake Parlor — but it was worth it. Also watched The Darjeeling Limited, which, with the exception of a couple parts, I thought was pretty lame. We also watched Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which Sid had gotten a copy of over the weekend. It’s really terrible, but hilarious in a way, which is why it’s such a cult classic. Scary too, when I consider how familiar so much of what it depicts was. The DVD has a follow-up episode called Neil Diamond Parking Lot, where the filmmakers returned to the same venue and interviewed people before a Neil Diamond show. That one proves that sober MOR music fans are no less goofy than stoned teenage metal fans. The best part was Sid telling me how, while at his mom’s house, she asked, “You know who Neil Diamond is?!” and he replied, “No, but I know who King Diamond is!” That’s my boy. . . .

Bigger KISS Fan Than Me

Local writer Joe Nickell did not only the Ace Frehley piece for the Entertainer last week, but also did a piece Saturday on local KISS fan Justin Lawrence. I’ve know Justin for a long time, and it’s cool Joe did the piece. To call Justin a “fan” is a bit of an understatement. What is really cool is the piece has been picked up by KISS’s official website; check it out right HERE. Here is a shot of Justin talking to a guy who is a great drummer but really shitty dresser at last summer’s Rock Creek Testicle Festival, where Justin was running sound. It is quite possible they are talking about KISS here:

Tonight’s the Night!

Ace Frehley show tonight. I’m hoping it lives up at least to half of its expectations! I hope the venue comes through with the passes we are supposed to be getting. Sid broke one of his front teeth a week ago, and can’t get it fixed for another week yet; I’m hoping that smile can be immortalized forever in his photo op with Ace. Heh.

4 thoughts on “>Weekend in Review

  1. Ruth Seeley

    >Really, you thought The Darjeeling Limited was lame? Maybe it’s because I had a friend who told me that she and her three sisters fought bitterly about how to make broccoli after their mom died, but I found it refreshing to see Adrian Brody in a comedic role and the recurring joke about the Rx sunglasses was hilarious, I thought.

  2. Chris

    >Darjeeling certainly had its moments, I just found it a little too meandering for my tastes. The glasses thing was amusing, and I also liked the laminated itinerary, and the way Owen Wilson’s character would order for everyone (which we later see his mother do as well). It was just a little dull over all for me. I was a little under the weather when I watched, which doesn’t help either.It was certainly no Bottle Rocket though!


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