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  1. I realize you would’ve provided more info if that was the point and I should just enjoy the beautiful shots, but the last picture’s caption really intrigues me – a local author event?

    1. April, here are the details on what it was all about:

      “The Native American Race Relations and Healing Symposium is taking the show on the road with the first event taking place in Missoula. The event will take place at Shakespeare and Company Books, 103 S. 3rd, Missoula, MT. There will be two panels for this symposium, with the first addressing the complicated issue of tribal sovereignty, and the second discussing the current events that face our Native American population. Featured panelists will include Evan Thompson, Neyooxet Greymorning, Sterling HolyWhiteMountain, Adrian Jawort, Robert Hall, Meg Singer, April Youpee-Roll, Francis Bauer, and Russell Rowland. The event will be free to the public.”

      A number of those folks are friends of mine, and the discussions were relevant to a couple projects I’m working on. It was an interesting way to spend a Saturday.

  2. great photos.
    and, interesting “last photo” caption. that would have been quite the symposium….i’m always interested in our local indigenous peoples and the issues they face in today’s world.

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