Weekend Wrap-up: Some o’ This, Some o’ That

Besides graduating high school, Sid also turned 18 last week (on Wednesday the 8th). With the various checks and things he received for the two events combined, he now has a greater net worth than I do. You know, Boy, you may hold all the wealth, but you still can’t compete with the old man when it comes to growing a proper mustache.

Friday actually was sunny and nice for a few hours. Perfect opportunity to sneak away for a lunch on the patio at The Old Post with a pretty girl.

Later that evening, I joined my American Falcon bandmates to be interviewed for an article that is supposed to run in this week’s Independent. More on that this week, I imagine.

Saturday morning we were up early so that Donkeygirl could make her debut at the People’s Market in Missoula. Now that we have cut the ribbon on that activity, we’ll be there every Saturday until Fall. It went okay, better than the first outing last year, but the thing still isn’t into full swing yet. However, the pre-setup trip to The Break Espresso was right on time.

I didn’t take any pictures during the market extravaganza. I did launch a few tweets from my seat at the back of the tent, though.

Missoula ladies, Donkeygirl makes her 2011 People’s Market debut today. Come say hello. Bring your checkbook. #marketday 8:21 AM Jun 11th via Twitter for Android

Julia goes to walk around, and suddenly I’m overrun with ladies fondling the merchandise. Coincidence? I think not…. #marketday 10:07 AM Jun 11th via Twitter for Android

Whenever the ladies descend on the merch, the Nashville Pussy version of The Contours’ “First I Look at the Purse” comes to mind. #marketday 11:05 AM Jun 11th via Twitter for Android

There was a pack of Crazy Christians downtown. They were on the corner of Higgins and Broadway, about 5000 of them, kids, adults, old folks . . . holding signs with biblical verse on them, handing out pamphlets, and one dude hollering at the top of his lungs how we were all DOOOOOOOMED! without Jesus. I really don’t get those people. Believe what you want, but yelling in the faces of people out in the community on a sunny Saturday morning? Whatever. I don’t see how anyone sees that and thinks to themselves, “Wow, I never thought of any of that!” and converts on the spot.

Then later we saw this sign while driving south on Reserve Street. I think Jesus just did a face-palm. All in all, a tough day in the Garden City for any self respecting Savior, if you ask me.

Saw a couple great movies Saturday. Julia and I went and caught the matinee for this one:

Super 8 is not a perfect movie, it has its share of problems, but it is also fun in the great tradition of past great Spielberg movies. It’s got a pack of kids as the heroes, shady military goings-on, and a freaky alien monster. What’s not to dig? I loved it.

Later, when I decided I want to be irresponsible and stay up really late eating a bunch of pizza and watching a critically-reviled movie, I caught this on the DVD:

Drive Angry was a blast. Pulpy, grindhouse, bloody, ridiculous fun. Great classic muscle cars in abundance. Nick Cage was decent. Amber Heard was actually surprisingly good in it; I expected a typically pretty-blond-no-ass-cookie-cutter-Hollywood-anorexic-type (the women in Fast Five, anyone?), but she brought some grit and toughness to an admittedly thin role. Fast cars? A Satanic Cult? Hot chicks fighting other hot chicks? What’s not to dig? I loved it.

Let me put it this way. Nick Cage has a sex scene while fully clothed (“Baby, why don’t you fuck naked?”), then gets attacked by a bunch of cultists which he fights off via multiple blasts of a shotgun (“I never disrobe before a gunfight.”), all while still having sex. The best part is this song is playing the whole time.

Oh, Canada. Awesome.

Sunday we headed up the Rattlesnake for 10 miles. It was raining when we were leaving, we packed rain gear, then it got gorgeous.

At the 5 mile mark, where we turned around, we sat and enjoyed a little picnic in a gorgeous meadow. Among other scintillating conversation, we had this little exchange:

Julia: Would you ever go hiking in the nude?

Me: No.

Julia: Why?

Me: The natural world is no place for nudity.

Refreshed. Time to see what this week brings to the table. . . .

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up: Some o’ This, Some o’ That

  1. Ron Scheer

    Your pastry case photo reminds me that I tried this weekend to get a similar pic at a fancy bakery here – and got reprimanded by the help. The boss doesn’t allow it, I was told. So this so-far-unnamed and over-priced bakery will remain unnamed, as if it never existed, which would be just fine with this former customer.

  2. G

    Okay, you’re seriously dating me with the April Wine video. Was one of the few rock bands I liked in high school.

    In spite of their trippy power ballad “Just Between You And Me”.

    Got that album from which the power ballad came from and it rocks all the way through.

  3. John D

    April Wine is pure Rock’n Roll awesomeness. Love that band. That tune is off the excellent HARDER FASTER album, AW’s second best, in my opinion. I’ve always liked NATURE OF THE BEAST just a little bit more.


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