Weekend Wrap-up: The Graduation Edition

In a series of ongoing posts that probably only interest family members, here are some shots from Sid’s big graduation day this past Saturday. I give you the Hellgate High School Class of 2011.

His class graduated 300-something students. By contrast, my graduating class was exactly 50 students. We watched all the speechifying, some choir performances, etc. It was actually a pretty good ceremony. The Mayor of Missoula, John Engen, gave the address. There were seven valedictorians. One kid quoted the following, which I thought was awesome.

“Myths and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near-infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men’s reality. Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of ”the rat race” is not yet final.” – Hunter S. Thompson

I recognized it because a writer friend of mine, Kieran Shea, recently quoted it in his blog. It gives one hope for the future when a kid drops a line like that. Of course the young lady speaking next quoted Harry Potter. Then the last one rambled on and on about the importance of making as much money as you can. Whatever.

When they started reading off the names and handing out the diplomas, I bolted downstairs to try and get a decent picture. I hadn’t seen Sid come in. As they were nearing the “L” section, I still didn’t see him. I was starting to fear that he’d pulled a fast one and bailed on the ceremony. I was planning all means of battery unto his person; not so much for doing it, but for not alerting me to the plan so that I could’ve skipped it too. Then I turned my head, and there he was in the front row not twenty feet from where I was. Looking suitably enthused, of course, as usual.

My shot of him coming down the aisle after getting the goods didn’t turn out worth a damn. Luckily, the dude taking all the pictures goes to the same gym I do. Hopefully I can get a good shot from him.

The only other kid in the graduation that I really know is Sid’s friend, Will. They go back to 6th grade or so, I guess. A few years ago (April 2007, to be exact) we took them to Seattle to see The Stooges. Here are a couple shots of the two from that trip.

Here they are in April, 2009, when we went to Portland to see The Black Keys.

And finally, here they are graduating together, on the very floor where a couple weeks earlier they saw Motorhead.

Here’s Sid out front afterward.

His mom had a party for him. I stopped by for a while. There was cake.

And, finally, we posed for a picture together. As usual, he is full dork face. I am stoic, but ready for action.

Fittingly, Sid couldn’t stick around long either because he had to hit the road with his band to go play a show in Idaho. So no big graduation parties for him, just Rock. Nothing wrong with that.

It was gorgeous weather all weekend, finally, so we rounded it out with some hiking around town and up the Rattlesnake. All in all it was a most excellent couple of days.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up: The Graduation Edition

  1. David Cranmer

    Wonderful photos of the graduation and everything else, Chris. Like I’ve said before you can see there is a lot of fun in your family. And a lot of love. The quote by Thompson is poignant and unforgettable.

  2. Ron Scheer

    Great pics and commentary, complete with flashbacks. You’re a champion dad. My kids say they owe their wayward ways to having found copies of Hunter Thompson at home… Your graduation class was even smaller than mine. We were 52. I still prefer that.

  3. Keila Szpaller

    New blog look is smart. Nice work.

    I’ll have to ask you more about blogger v. WordPress sometime.

  4. Peter

    Here’s a test to see if WordPress accepts my comment.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”


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