>We’ll Do It Live!

>This isn’t what I was going to write about tonight, but I can’t resist. I’m sure you’ve seen the clip of the old Bill O’Reilly footage where he melts down on Inside Edition. If not, check this out, it’s hilarious:

Last night, Stephen Colbert did a bit on this, and it is pretty damn funny too. I don’t have the video to embed, but you can check it out HERE.

Finally, this remix made me damn near fall off my chair. O’Reilly sure is a dick, isn’t he?

If you want intelligent content with your blog, you’ll have to look elsewhere this time, as my brain is utterly fried. I suggest checking out Charles Martin’s blog about last year’s National Conference on Media Reform. I am in big time agreement with him about the importance of the issue — check it out.

See this little bloodsucking bastard of the forest?

I caught it crawling up my inner thigh last night (I’m sure it must be female). I seemed to have picked her up on the hike I went on around Marsh Creek Lake, which isn’t far from where I am staying here in Pennsylvania. Now I’m such a wimp I don’t even like killing evil bugs, but this one had to go, so I washed her down the drain in the bathroom sink. I’m certain she went down too, because I made sure.

Well, I’ll be damned if I came back from work this afternoon and found the little bastard crawling around the underside of the sink! Somehow she crawled back up the pipe with a probable intention to get her insatiable little sucker on me again. I was pretty amazed at her resilience. Not so amazed that I didn’t flush her down the toilet again. We’ll see how she likes that. . . .

Here are some more pictures from the hike.

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  1. >I bet I’ve listened to that remix 50 times. The only way it could be better is if they managed to sneak a couple farts in there too.

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