>What a Day

>Two words for why Ace Frehley is cooler than you: Leather Pants.

I spent most of my morning waiting around for a call from Ace. Yes, really; and you know it’s a big deal because you know how I feel about Ace. It finally happened, if two hours late. I was prepared for that, and I’m actually glad for the delay. I was so keyed up at the scheduled time that I probably would have been lame. So now I have a mini-cassette recording of our conversation, some transcription to do, and probably two pieces to write (one for the Independent, and one more extensive one to say everything I want to say, maybe for here or New West or something). That will be coming soon!

It was really, really cool, though.

RIP to a Major Contributor to my Youth

Today wasn’t all excitement and giddiness. I saw that E. Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, died. Click HERE for the full story.

I loved D&D. There is a part of me that still does. I still buy the occasional sourcebook just for the pleasure of reading it. Most of my collected manuals and things have survived multiple moves and “stuff purges” that other things haven’t. Some of the fondest hours of my youth, from junior high on, were spent with friends throwing dice late into the morning. People make fun of geeks. I was one. Hell, I am one. And I am quite pleased that I have retained a lot of those geeky interests rather than trading them in for obsessing over lawn care and trophy vehicles. Keep your friggin’ Escalade, I’d rather continue to wield the Rod of Lordly Might. And I wield it . . . furiously.

So I am setting my current New West piece-in-progress aside to write further on this. However, none of my heartfelt words about geek pride takes away from the humor in this thing, which Patia sent me last week. I’m sure Gary Gygax would have laughed as well:

4 thoughts on “>What a Day

  1. Isorski

    >Dude, that is so cool. How did you get hooked up with Ace? I would love to post your articles at my blog. Oh, and good luck with the show on Thursday.

  2. Chris

    >Thanks, man. We had a line on Ace’s publicist, and she made it happen. I would expect the actual articles to be up on the 13th; I’m certain I’ll let the Independent thing run first since they made it all possible.

  3. Rebecca

    >Did you manage to keep your cool together on the phone with Ace? Back in high school I got to meet one of my musical heroes, Dave Vanian of the Damned. When I first saw him I thought I would be super cool and pretend it was no big deal, but as I got closer super cool changed to “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!11!!!” So. Fucking. Embarrassing.

  4. Chris

    >Rebecca, I did keep my cool, actually. At the original appointed time I was real nervous; had my mini cassette recorder clutched in one hand, my phone in the other, one eye on the clock, one eye on my list of questions . . . but as the time passed and the call actually happened two hours later, I had managed to calm down.


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