>Who Wants Some Ice Cream?

>This Sunday (Sep. 28th) TATER PIG is rocking the Missoula Public Library at 2 pm in the downstairs lobby for their annual Sundaes on Sunday thing. This is the 4th annual Sundae event with a local rock band; we will join the illustrious company of Two Year Touque, Oblio Joes, and Danny’s Dilemma. Which is kind of scary, considering that we don’t think any of those other bands exist anymore! Our band seems to be touch and go these days as well. Not sure how much enthusiasm Sid has for playing with “old people” now that he has a metal band going with a couple guys his own age. We knew that bird would eventually leave the nest, so we’ll see how long we keep it going.

Anyway, Ice cream Sundaes will be served for a suggested donation of $1 with all of your favorite toppings! Come out, because you never know when this might be all over!

3 thoughts on “>Who Wants Some Ice Cream?”

  1. >Dude, are you on before or after the puppet show?That is coming from a guy who has played a tennis club, gay pride fest and boat tour of the Willamette River this year! A gig’s a gig. I hope you melt their faces (and ice cream).

  2. >Ha! No, it was just us. It’s fitting for this band, as we’ve played a couple clothing stores, a coffee shop, a pizza parlor, and now the library. Hopefully we can move up to the post office or something.

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