>Who’s Ready to Be Beat to a Pulp?

>I spent a lot of time doing a couple short fiction workshops and a novel workshop as part of the 406 Writers Workshop here in Missoula last summer. It was pretty much a weekly meeting from June until about November, and I learned tons. I tweaked a story I wrote in one of those workshops, a little crime thing called “The Pickle,” and submitted it to an online crime fiction publication called Beat to a Pulp. I found out yesterday they liked it and will be publishing it in March. I’m pretty damn excited about that.

There aren’t many avenues for short fiction of the crime/pulp variety, and this is definitely one of the better ones. Some great writers are published by BTAP — many with published novels as well — and I’m excited and honored to have my first bit of fiction in such excellent company. I was standing in Staples, looking at computers for work, pissed off (of course), when the news arrived via email over my phone. Made the whole day better. Soon as the story is up and available I’ll certainly announce it here! Meanwhile, check out the Weekly Punch that comes out every Sunday. That’s where my bit of silliness will appear.

This is actually helping me justify a trip I’ve been thinking of making next November — NoirCon 2010 in Philadelphia.

I thought I’d like to go, but figured I needed something out in the wide world beyond this blog, so getting that story on BTAP is a step in that direction. I was torn between NoirCon or Bouchercon 2010, which is San Francisco. When I was in Houston, David Thompson, the man behind Busted Flush Press, urged me to go to NoirCon because it is more intimate. I’m really starting to lean that way. I think it would be a blast. No matter which one I do I’ll miss out on meeting some people I’d really like to, there’s just no way around that. If I could afford it, I’d do both. Maybe next year.

Rated “R” For Sequences of Epic Awesome!

Last Thursday night Julia and I went to The Wilma and saw the new John Woo flick, Red Cliff. We were lucky, because that was the last night it was showing. This movie blew me away, and I like it more the more I think about it. The cinematography was beautiful, the acting was great, there was humor, and it was epic. But it wasn’t ass-numbingly epic either, in that it wasn’t one of those 3-hour marathons. Here’s the synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes:

After directing stylish action films such as THE KILLERS and FACE-OFF, director John Woo turns to Chinese history for inspiration with RED CLIFF. The Han Dynasty is facing its death in third century China, and the emperor raises a million-man army against two kingdoms that are hopelessly outmatched. This war film stars Tony Leung, the beloved actor best known for LUST, CAUTION and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE.

Watching it was a real thrill. It was like three or four chapters of the book Badass rolled into one story and put to film. I don’t buy many DVDs, but I’ll buy this one. For the best 2:13 of your day, click over and dig this trailer (embedding is disabled, apparently).

What was really cool is on the way out of the theater, I asked the manager if I could snag the poster, and he said no problem. Yes.

He also confirmed that they will have The Road on screen at the end of the month. It’s about time!

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  1. >Congratulations on your published Pickle!And it's about goddamn time for The Road. If the Wilma wasn't in Missoula, as a movie buff I think I'd go nuts. Er…more nuts.

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