Why Don’t We Head Toward the Sun

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to do some kind of “2012 in Review” post. When I think of 2012, it seems like it was kind of a shit year. In a lot of ways it was. But there were some good things too. I did quite a bit of travel, and I thought I might put together some kind of slideshow of images from everywhere I went, so that maybe, rather than pat myself on the back with accomplishments or whine about disappointments, you might see a bit of my year through my eyes as well. Please check it out; I find it kind of mesmerizing (fullscreen HD is best, of course).

These are all images I took with my iPhone, then posted to Instagram (I already had them all together, so they were easy to sort). I used iPhoto to make the slide show and used one of the built-in templates, then put it together with “The Arrow Killed the Beast” from Heartless Bastards‘  Arrow album, arguably my favorite of the year. Pretty simple, but it turned out cool enough. I have better pictures I took with my “real” camera, but I don’t necessarily have them all together well enough. Besides, some of the flaws are what I like most about several of these shots.

Besides pictures from around the house and a few adventures in the hills and rivers around Missoula, I ventured all over the USA. Northern and Southern California (Sacramento, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, LA area, San Diego, etc.); Stone Mountain and Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA, area; Rock Hill, SC (via Charlotte, NC); Indianapolis, IN; Attalla and Birmingham, AL; Houston, TX; Buffalo, NY; Minneapolis, MN and New Richmond, WI; Chicago and Moline, IL; Hartford, CT, as well as Danbury, Westport, and Enfield; New Mexico; etc. etc. And lots of points and little towns and weird joints in between.

Looking back, regardless of how I feel about 2012, it was a good year for seeing places. I can’t help but reflect that the vast majority of these images were taken when I was alone, and it would be nice if that changed in the future. But I’m pleased to be able to see so much of the USA. Here’s to more in 2013. . . .


4 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Head Toward the Sun

  1. G. B. Miller

    Had to comment this way ’cause my computer is throwing a hissy fit and won’t let me comment the normal way on your blog.

    Hopefuly you can make it out this way again this year without all the snow. Would’ve been cool to meet up with you.


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