Featured Writing



Notes on the Sacred Art of Dog Walking
Personal essay published by the online journal Empty Mirror


The Cleaners
Feature/Cover Story on company who cleans up environmental messes nobody else wants to touch


Feature/Cover Story on the making of Travis Bean documentary film



The Return of Robicheaux
Interview with author James Lee Burke for the Missoulian

The Gobi Grizzly
Talking Ursus arctos, from Glacier to Gobi, with Whitefish biologist Doug Chadwick

What’s Good Here: Eating Squirrel with Steven Rinella
Interview with hunter, writer, and host of the Outdoor Channel’s “Meat Eater” television show

The Proper Vehicle
Interview with author and musician Willy Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine; The Delines; The Motel Life; Northline; Lean On Pete; The Free)

Wild at Heart
Interview with David Quammen, who, among many other magnificent accomplishments, was the first person to write an entire issue of National Geographic (an edition devoted entirely to Yellowstone National Park, May, 2016)

Away They Go
Environmental historian Dan Flores talks coyote avatars and hunting history

Interview with John Vaillant (The Golden Spruce, The Tiger, The Jaguar’s Children)
Author John Vaillant talks about tigers, “The Wire” and the crossroads of journalism and art

Lightning Strikes
Interview with songwriter Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)

Division of Labor
Interview with writer Christine Byl (Dirt Work)


Spirituality Through Food and Wine
Review of Jim Harrison’s A Really Big Lunch from Montana Magazine

Art of Floating
Review of the poetry collection Dead Man’s Float by Jim Harrison

Carrying On
Review of the new memoir from Gary Ferguson, The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness

Behind the Music
Review of Dave Grohl’s documentary film Sound City

Short Fiction

“Blood and Sweetgrass In: This Rez is Mine” which can be read by purchasing Blood & Tacos #3 HERE. (September, 2012)

Molotov at All Due Respect (May, 2012)

“A Dog Named Buddy” which can be read by purchasing Needle: Winter 2012 HERE. (March, 2012)

“A Blunderbus for a Broken Heart” which can be read by purchasing Pulp Modern: Issue 2 HERE. (December, 2011)

“Detroit Rock City” which can be read by purchasing Off the Record: A Charity Anthology on Kindle. (November, 2011)

“Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider” which can be read by purchasing Pulp Modern: Autumn 2011 HERE. (September, 2011)

“US Idol In: Vampires are Pussies” which can be read by purchasing Noir at the Bar HERE. (August, 2011)

Run for the Roses (winner of the 2011 Watery Graves Invitational story competition) at The Drowning Machine (June, 2011)

“Buster Lee and the Chucklehead That Wouldn’t Stay Down” which can be read by purchasing Kung Fu Factory HERE. (March, 2011)

“The Pickle” at Beat to a Pulp (December, 2010 . . . I think)



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