You Asked With Your Eyes

What are the odds I’d make two trips in a row to Oklahoma? Well, I did, and here I am — parked in a hotel room in Oklahoma City. Last year I think I made back to back trips to St. Louis, which was weird. Things just happen that way sometimes, I guess, and I deal with them the same way.

Made some notes of things to check out if time allows while I’m here. If I get a chance, I may take the hour drive out to Anadarko, OK. Where? Well, Anadarko happens to be the birthplace of the legendary noir/crime writer Jim Thompson, a genius supplying two novels on this trip for my enjoyment: After Dark My Sweet and Savage Night.

Besides reading, I’m watching Monday Night Football for the first time in a long while, though only with one eye or so, and it’s been a pretty good game. I like all the bright colors, and HD is awesome to look at, I must admit.

I don’t really give a rip about either team (the Jets vs. the Dolphins), though I decided I’m cheering for Miami. Why? Because Serena and Venus Williams own a stake in the team. Ah, Serena Williams. She’s got a freakin’ superhero physique too, if you ask me.


I know what you’re thinking. When did this blog become a cheesecake site, right? What does this perverted asshole’s poor wife think of all these pictures of beautiful women he keeps posting? Well, number one, she won’t let me post any pictures of her. And B, I don’t think I’ve posted anything I haven’t talked about with her ad nauseum anyway. She appreciates Serena as much, if not more, than I do. Our tastes also overlap with other women . . . like, for example, I don’t know, Kim Kardashian:

But, to keep things Fair and Balanced, while I won’t allow a Pittsburgh Steelers fan under a roof that shelters my head as well, I will point out that I know she has the hots for Troy Polamalu (who happens to be injured this season; I think he has a case of split ends or something). So this blog ends for her, including a commercial that has aired a couple times during tonight’s game.

I may wrap my night up watching Death Proof. Did I ever mention it stars Zoe B . . . oh, never mind.

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  1. >Yeah Dolphins! Don't get to see much of my team here in the Northwest, where you're supposed to be a fan of Seahawks/Broncos/Packers/Vikings. So to see them beat the hated Jets on Monday night with J-Lo and the Williams sisters looking on? Oh, hail yeah.(I agree with Patia on the self-portrait.)

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