>You Punks Have It Easy

>As of this writing at roughly 18:00 on October the 31st, it is 51 de-friggin’-grees outside. That’s ridiculous. I recall practically every one of my trick or treat excursions as a young ‘un occurring amidst mounds of snow and freezing friggin’ temperatures. It’s pretty crazy. I remember dashing through neighborhoods in Frenchtown and slipping on the packed snow, sending candy flying all over. That was half the fun.

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I used to love it. Now I loathe it, for all the same reasons I loathe aspects of Christmas. It seems in a lot of ways it has been ruined by adults. Everyone wants to dress up like a sexy/slutty something-or-other and then go out and get all liquored up, as if we need more excuses for that. Adults can do that any time they want, but for kids this is pretty much the only night of the year they can go out and do this type of thing (dressing up and having fun in the neighborhood, sans the liquoring up, one would presume). I hate all the constant “what are you gonna be for Halloween?” questions. I’ll be the cranky old guy with the “Just take one, you little bastards!” note in the candy bowl at the end of the sidewalk, thank you very much, sitting in the basement watching The Wire on the DVD. I hate all the cheap shit in the stores, everything. And from here on out, the holiday season kicks into full gear — for the next two months it will be a nightmare of commercial bullshit. Ugh.

I like seeing the little kids out tearing around with their parents, and I have fond memories taking Sid out. We just don’t do the door thing here because our awful little dogs go too apeshit. They take all the fun out of everything.

I do enjoy the spiritual nature of this night. The communication with the other side that comes with Pagan religions, Dia de los Muertos just around the corner, etc. As a bonefied tree hugging dirt worshiper, I tend to view this night as my night of reflection, my opportunity to look at the year just passed and focus on a new one that starts in just a few hours. I’ll do that at some point tonight.

For now, here are some images from a great site called Golden Age Comic Book Stories. They upload images every week from artists, magazine covers, vintage stuff, etc. Today’s post is Horror/Monster Film Posters and Images. They (or he, I think the site is one guy’s baby, I don’t know for sure) did it in honor of Halloween, but these images are awesome no matter what day of the year it is. Check them ALL out (there are a bunch), bookmark the entry, and then make sure and go back and look on, say, Valentine’s Day.

Like someone said in comments: Jeez, even the POSTERS were better back then!” I agree.

Nebraska Wrap Up

Things pretty much went off without a hitch in Nebraska, and I really didn’t do much outside of work and (try to) sleep. This was the place I was working; they make radios and stuff. Maybe a little retail, but mostly outfitting buses, trains, things like that.

The most exciting thing is the second-to-the-last night I was there I worked a little late. I was in the bathroom and suddenly the lights went out. I managed to find my way out of there, then had to make my way out of the warehouse in pretty much total dark, until I reached the main path out of there. Luckily I didn’t end up like this guy.

It was a weird place. Really big, but not a lot of action going on, lots of wasted space. I tried to infer if they were just really slow or what, but apparently not. That’s unusual. Most places are bursting at the seams — it’s rare to see manufacturing facilities with too much room.

The only thing that pissed me off is a last minute project came up and I have to go to Houston next week instead of having a week at home. Which means I’ll miss the Queensryche/Lita Ford show. Speaking of which, here’s my interview with Lita from the Independent. I’m not that bummed about the show, necessarily, but Lita and her family had invited me to call them so we could hang out Wednesday. If that would have actually happened or not is up in the air, but now I’ll never know. Oh well.

I did watch Ali/Foreman from 1974 in Zaire from my room the other night, with a small libation courtesy of a local brewery. What a great battle. I enjoyed it.

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  1. >I'm with you, dude. Typing on the internet, in the basement, with the front lights out.I, too, love seeing the kiddos and the 'rents wandering around the neighborhood. But, it got spoiled a couple of years back when a bunch of the parents were dressed like prostitutes and pimps and were clearly quite wasted. Still carting their kids around, though. The look on the little ones faces was so sad – they were clearly embarrassed by their parents and wondering why it was only the strangers who were paying them any attention.

  2. >There were a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I went out and secured some Tower Pizza to see me through the evening, and got a kick out of all the little packs moving up and down the streets. As Halloweens go in my neighborhood, it went pretty well. Of the candy we put out it all disappeared, which is good.

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