>You Think it’s Break Time, Punk?

>Lately I’ve been thinking about taking down all the pictures on the walls of my office and replacing them with other stuff. I have some great prints — great to me anyway — that I’ve picked up, but I also have some awesome stuff I haven’t had framed yet, plus some other stuff I’d like to get. Just for a change of scenery for a while, you know?

Anyway, now and then I’ll find things and just pin them to the wall. Magazine covers, post cards, calendar pictures, etc. Last weekend when I was cleaning out my desk, I found a cover I saved from a recent GQ magazine that had Clint Eastwood on the cover, and pinned it up on the wall in front of me. Just now I was working on a story I’d like to get wrapped up, and leaned back in my chair to ponder a moment. I glanced, and I swear Clint is glowering at me to get back to work.

“You think that damn story’s gonna write itself? Get to it!” he’s saying. Jeez, even the dame in the A Hell of a Woman post card seems to be challenging me. The universe must know how lazy I am to be sending me these slave drivers.

So back to it. Band practice in two hours, and I have some words to see to first. I just wish Clint would say something to these dogs about the snoring and the gas.

2 thoughts on “>You Think it’s Break Time, Punk?”

  1. >I think that picture (coupled with the song by Gorillaz) would definitely make someone want to finish whatever it was they were working on and not disappoint.

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