>You’re Wanted By the Police and My Wife Thinks You’re Dead

>Junior Brown is coming to Missoula on May 3rd; he’s playing The Wilma. I’ve never seen him but have wanted to big time ever since Julia saw him in Arizona years ago and raved about how great he is. We’ll definitely be going. I just wish they’d put the info about buying tickets up on the Wilma website.

The Future of Music Releases

After picking up Sid yesterday afternoon we went straight over to Ear Candy to pick up the new Black Keys record, Attack and Release, which just came out yesterday. I also inquired as to the vinyl edition of The Sword record, Gods of the Earth, which also just came out. I didn’t need the CD of that one because I got a promo copy from the Independent (I am writing a review of it for them). Anyway, the guy at Ear Candy — not Fleming, the other guy who used to bartend at The Old Post — suggested the vinyl version of The Black Keys, because it comes with the CD as well. That is so awesome. Best $20 I spent all week. Dig it:

We are going to Portland on Friday to see the Black Keys, then staying there and playing a TATER PIG show on Saturday. That will be a blast.

Speaking of shows, Sid is stoked because The Sword is coming to Missoula on 4/23. Even better, their opening band is a favorite we both share: Slough Feg. I guarantee Slough Feg will dominate that show. If I could pick a band I could play in, it would be Slough Feg. They are absolutely fantastic. Space allowing, I am going to review their latest, Hardworlder, for the Indie as well.

False Alarm

I was all worried for half of yesterday because I had not seen one of our pets, Puny, for over 24 hours, not since she had bailed out the window the previous afternoon. I even checked with animal control. Then I went downstairs and there she was, curled up and sleeping. She was probably locked in somewhere that someone else liberated her from, I don’t know. The little freak.

A couple more trips coming up after a few weeks at home. Back to St. Louis again, and then one to Washington. The next few months are going to be ridiculously busy. Most of it is cool stuff, too. Recording with both TATER PIG and LAZERWOLFS, a couple biker rallies to play with the ‘wolfs, a tour, a trip to Moab, UT, for some sun and recreation . . . the itinerary just goes on and on!


Oh yeah, the other day I finally got around to registering for the triathlon I’ve been training for and learned it is FULL! I was almost disappointed. I am on the waiting list. I’m going to continue training, because I think there is another one in a couple months. Spring soccer started last night and it was cold out. We won 3-0, and I even scored the first goal on a breakaway less than a minute into the match! Watch out, this fat guy is quicker than he looks! I think it is more likely that the other side didn’t realize that in the 7 vs. 7 format there isn’t offsides, but by the time I tell the story a couple times I will have dribbled through the entire opposition ala Diego Maradona vs. England in the ’86 World Cup:

4 thoughts on “>You’re Wanted By the Police and My Wife Thinks You’re Dead

  1. Duganz

    >One time my cat went missing and everyone in the house got scared since we lived on a busy street in Anaconda (I know that sounds weird, but it’s true). Anyway, the cat turned up wedged under a hide-a-bed couch. Apparently visiting family had sealed him in there without realizing it.

  2. Chris

    >Duganz, this same cat had a similar disappearance a few years ago, during apartment living days. She disappeared for about a month, then just showed up one day, very thin but not as dusty and disheveled as one would expect if she’d gone on walkabout. We figured she went exploring in a vacant apartment and got shut in or something.


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